Преносимост на номерата

Number portability gives you the possibility to switch the operator that provides you with the fixed telephone service and at the same time to keep the number you use.

What you need to do in order to switch your number to Vestitel's network?

You only need to visit the office of Vestitel BG and hand in an application for switch of the number to our network, by choosing whether to use a single or bundled service.

After the day of the switch, you will continue to use your old phone number but through the network and at the rate plans of Vestitel.

What are the benefits from the phone number switch to Vestitel's network?

Additional Information

You will find all the requirements and terms for switch of supplier of fixed telephone service in our General Terms. Please read the General Terms prior to filing in the application.

Vestitel BG is informing you about a switched from its network geographic number with a sound signal with continuity of 3 (three) seconds, for which you will not be charged.

Listen to the signal