Въпроси и отговори

Is it possible to make a pre-payment and are there any discounts for that?

For pre-payment of 12 months ... you get 13 and 14 month

For pre-payment of 8 months ... you get 9 month

Can I receive electronic invoices?

In order to receive electronic invoices, you need to send your names or the names of an authorized representative of your company and an e-mail address. Please send the information to: sales@vestitel.bg

What is the size restriction of the files I can send by e-mail?

The restriction of the size of the file is defined by the maximum size of your e-mail account, which is 15 MB.

What are the payment options for the used services?

Your can pay at a pay-desk in the demo-centers of Vestitel BG (check contacts), through epay.bg, through the system of iCard.bg and a via bank transfer. You can find a detailed information about payment options on "terms of payment" page.