Vestitel BG PLC allows for the interconnection of networks of enterprises providing public electronic communications services through a public electronic communications networks, under current legislation.

Vestitel BG provides interconnection contract of hire within 10 days after receipt of a request to build a relationship.

The interconnection is carried out only under the written agreement.

Vestitel BG offers the following services:

1. Generation - transmission of a call outgoing from the network termination point of the enterprise user in the calling of the same enterprise infrastructure to the point of interconnection where the call is transferred to other enterprise network for transit and / or termination.

2. Termination - transfer an incoming call from the point of interconnection of the establishment of the called user to the destination network, which is called Consumer.

3. Transit - transmission of traffic between two points of interconnectionhome network to other networks. Vestitel BG provide transit services calls to other national networks, which have contractual relations.

4. Транзит към пренесен номер – в случаите предвидени от действащото законодателство.

The deadline for providing interconnection services:

1. 10 days of starting the test procedure

Location and number of points of interconnection:

The main point of presence Vestitel BG, which is located interconnection equipment is located at Sofia, 122 Ovche pole str.

The construction of interconnection H.323 or SIP protocol does not require the other party to dispose of his equipment in the technical center of the Vestitel BG.

The construction of interconnection SS7, network facilities Vestitel BG and hire company to connect directly through the connector line with a capacity of 2048 kbps between points of presence of the parties.

Available capacity Herald BG:

- 32 (E1)

- 32 (VoIP)

Deadlines for the detection of points of interconnection, and planned to make changes in the network

1. The construction of the interconnection protocol H.323 or SIP shall be made within 15 working days after signing the agreement for interconnection.

2. Construction of SS7 interconnection shall be made within 3 (three) months after the signing of an interconnection contract.

3. The deadline for closure is one month from the filing date.

Costs of construction and maintenance of interconnection

Costs shall be borne equally by the parties after prior written agreement and approval of the necessary activities and expenses associated with them.

Technical requirements for implementation of interfaces and access protocols for signaling

1. Technical specifications of the E1 / SS7 / interface: ITU-Blue

- bit rate of 2048 Kbit / s / ITU-T G.703 /

- Line code HDB3 / ITU-T G.703 /

- High protection under ITU-T K.41

- impedance load 75M/120M / ITU-T G.703 /

- Mask the pulse ITU-T G.703

- Maximum jitter: Peak - Peak under ITU-T G.823

2. Direct connection for VOIP

- H.323 protocol / Recommendation ITU /

- SIP Protocol / IETF RFC 2327, 3261, 3263, 3264 /

Supported codecs: G.711a, G.711u, G.729

The quality requirements for interconnection services:

1. Accessibility of service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

2. Maximum time to remove any technical problems

- In fatal problems - up to 8 hours of information about the problem;

- If major problems - up to 12 hours of information about the problem;

- For minor problems - within 7 days of informing on the situation.

3. Time service interruption due to planned maintenance - between00:00 to 06:00 hours

4. Maximum time duration of interruption of service - no more than 30 hours / year

5. Quality parameters in the network Vestitel BG - as issued Permission to use individual resource - numbersimplementation of public electronic communications through a public electronic communications network and provision of fixed telephone service.

Numbering, addressing and identification of the calling line

1. Vestitel provides numbers and addresses under the permit № 01377/26.03.2009 and its amendment № 01377-01/17.12.2009

2. Shout subscriber called number is transmitted in a format E.164

3. Delivered addresses Herald as license are:

- NSPC unique name of the point signaling 22-2-0 VSSF1

- ISPC unique name of the point signaling 6-250-5 VEST

Vestitel provides its customers additional service CLIP-identification of incoming calls

Prices for termination of traffic in the network of Vestitel

Vestitel BG JSC applies the following prices for termination of traffic to numbers from the national numbering plan of Vestitel BG JSC regardless of the call origin:

Period Hours of peak traffic/
BGN per min
Hours of off peak traffic/
BGN per min
from 01/07/2012 until 31/12.2012 0,0110 0,0093
from 01/01/2013 until 30/06/2013 0,0085 0,0070
from 01/07/2013 until 31/12.2013 0,0050 0,0050
from 01/01/2014 until 30/06/2014 0,0050 0,0050

Vestitel provides service portability of geographic numbers, "according to regulations and related documents:

Functional specifications for portability of geographic numbers for switching to a fixed telephone service and / or change of address within one geographic national destination code, promulgated. SG 96 of 07.11.2008 procedure portability of geographic numbers, signed by the participants in the domain of portability.

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