IPTV hosting

IPTV hosting is a Business –to– Business solution for distribution of interactive digital television using fiber optical network.

Vestitel is the first Bulgarian company, to develop this business model, based on partnership with local operators and Internet Service Providers. The Partners utilize their fiber optical infrastructure and Vestitel provides the platform, TV streaming, content, TV rights and licensing.

The service is provided under TIVIA brand, but also the partner can provide the TV service under their our branding.

The technical platform is based on the "off the shelf" solution from leading vendors like Orca Interactive (France Telecom - Orange),Tandberg, Widevine, Harmonic, BitBand, Motorola. The multicast based transmission guarantees the premium quality of the digital television as well as the lower bandwidth requirements.

The start of the IPTV Hosting business model was in 2008, and now we have more than 30 partners and the partnership list keeps growing.

The IP-based platform also allows significant opportunities to make the TV viewing experience more interactive and personalized.

The platform provides opportunity of white labeling – partner can choose the layout of the portal interface, the color scheme, as well as to develop special portals aimed to the specific target groups.

With TIVIA Interactive TV Portal the customer has access to the following services:

In the future we will add more interactive features to the IPTV platform like Time Shifted Television, PVR – Personal Video Recording, Internet surfing, gaming, people metrics etc.

For more detailed information about IPTV interactive digital television go to: www.tivia.bg

Responsibility matrix between Vestitel and Partners:

  • Responsibilities
  • Partner
  • Vestitel
  • 1TV Content

  • X
  • 2Aggregation and broadband transmission to the end customer

  • X
  • 3Content encryption

  • X
  • 4User activation and connectivity to the broadband network

  • X
  • 5Service Provisioning to end customers (activation, packet changes, service stop)

  • X
  • 6Set Top Boxes

  • X
  • 7Billing – usage information and reporting to the Content Providers

  • X
  • 8Billing – billing end customers

  • X
  • 9Payments

  • X
  • 10First level of Support (network support)

  • X
  • 11Second level of support (TV stream)

  • X
  • 12TV Technical Center, support and monitoring of IPTV Platform

  • X

    13Monitoring and control of broadband network

  • X

The Graphic User Interface of the platform can be designed and personified as per partner requirements including colours, banners, text fields, specific services, required by the partner etc.

National Network Map

Map of Network PoPs

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